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Riino Labs is currently in Experimental mode and we are building this site to be a entertaining site for our visitors. You will find numerous chat rooms and play lists and a bundle of radio players in our site. We will run this concept as we wait to get on “The Grid” sometimes in 2015. But for now we will play around with this site as it is for a while longer. As you navigate around our site we are certain you will discover many interesting things. So grab a cup of coffee and kick back in our site for a while. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

For the consulting part of our service you just contact us on email and will assist you the best way we can when it comes to concept creation and developing projects!

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Please feel like home in our web site and invite your friends over! We will continue to build our site as a eccentric and eclectic site that just will keep on evolving! You can never be quite sure what direction our build will take but rest assure we will try our best to make something eye catching and entertaining.

Oh please contact us by email if you want to get in touch or contact us on social media.. We are around and we always love meeting new people

Hope you find our site inspirational and that it can be entertaining as well.. You never quite know what's on here so please take a look around in our menus and see for yourself.. There might be some secret bonus pages too.. That is for us to know and for you  to find out! Have fun….