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We will migrate to “The Grid” in year 2015!

Riino Labs is a web concept/consulting labs located on the West Coast of Norway - This website is built and produced drinking large amounts of dark roast coffee

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The “Revolutionary Innovative Intelligentsia” hereby dubbed RII is a organization under the wings of Riino Labs, Norway. We are part of the creation of the Internet with this project and many more. RII is all about innovation and sharing ideas. We will soon devote the web site address www.rii.no to the formation of this project and organization. And for a limited time we will open up for a pre membership to 10 people - Read more here RII SIGN UP

We will during spring 2015 roll out this project with 7 unique projects under the supervision of Riino Labs, Norway. It is our plan to do the most beautiful design and concept creation on above mentioned THE GRID! The RII organization will be a platform for a growing number who want to create quality concepts online and offline and we be formed as a network that will aim to create value and sense into each others projects. We will notably be creating stuff from SCRATCH and take a journey into creating value. We will be neutral to politics and religion even if some projects will fly the flag for believes.. We would like to thank you for reading this and please adapt and absorb the ideas  coming out from RIIno Labs. Have a prosperous year and do put life into your life!

Welcome to Riino Labs We are all about innovation and putting ideas into system! Hey listen up: An idea is worth more than money! Our goal is to come up with ideas and put them into system. We seem to never run out of new ideas and we have come to the conclusion that we will never be able to do something about all our ideas, so we would very much like to invite you guys to contact us for brainstorming sessions! We love doing that! Just drop us a line or two and we will get right back to you! Why not give it a try? As everything happens in real time now Be aware that we sometimes sleep at the lab or actually are out walking…

As this is year 2015 we have great plans to do great things! Everything will change now that we migrate to The Grid Right now we are building up a team of  designers and programmers and friends to do 7 unique projects. You can be part of this to just by contacting us! We want to connect with people from all over the world to do some truly innovative things.

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